f3.js CLI

Most of the f3.js features can be accessed through CLI by installing the following npm module.

npm install f3js-cli -g

f3-users --help
f3-users get --token YOUR_TOKEN

f3-projects --help

# download the project archive
f3-projects download 182

# download the project archive and extract it f3-projects download 182 -e

# edit and save the project
cd f3js-nodejs-300
vi index.js
f3-projects save --token YOUR_TOKEN

# download the PDF layout that reflects local edits
f3-projects render --token YOUR_TOKEN

Access token

Access tokens can be acquired in the profile page after you login to the website.

f3.js IDE

The f3.js supports the complete workflow of creating IoT applications through its web-based interface, but f3.js IDE that runs on Windows or Mac OS X additionally enables the following features.

  • Transferring IoT applications to microcontrollers and tiny computers
  • Launching IoT applications on the microcontrollers and tiny computers
  • Printing layout design files

Working hard ...

f3.js IDE is currently under development. IoT applications can be transferred/launched by following instructions on the project pages. The layout design files can be directly transferred to the laser cutter using its printer drivers.