Add a new module

This page allows you to register module information.

Basic Information

Provide basic information of the module.

* Photo URLs that end with any one of .jpg, .jpeg, .png or that are uploaded to the Gyazo web service in the PNG format (e.g. are supported.

Relevant URLs

Relevant URLs can be edited after the basic information is registered.

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Module name
Created date

Layout information

Provide the source code of the module layout in JavaScript.

How to write code
  • First, define a function that represents this module.
  • Define methods _name, _bounds, _print within the class, where ...
  • _name method returns the name of the module for display.
  • _bounds method returns the bounding box of the module as a Rectangle instance.
  • _print method takes graphics context Graphics and printing options PrintOptions as its arguments.
More details can be found at the howto page.