Camera w/wo countdown

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UpdateBasic Information

A camera whose features and appearance can be customized! With or without a countdown timer.

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Building Instructions

Purchase hardware components
Print & Assemble
Print out enclosure components
Install and run the program

No modules are required for this project.

Beside the modules listed above, the following items are needed.

  • A microcontroller or micro computer for executing programs
  • A plus driver for tightening bolts and nuts
  • Bolts and nutsfor attaching modules to panels
  • Acrylic panels and a glue for them

The PDF file can be directly sent to a laser cutter or cutting plotter to cut out panels for assembling the device enclosure.

In order to keep the cut surface smooth without any annotations yet benefit from the annotations, we recommend you to print the PDF file with an ordinary paper printer and lay it beneath the cut acrylic panel.

For the list of supported laser cutters and cutting plotters, refer to "Get Started" page.


An archive containing a Node.js project can be retrieved.

Once the content is transferred to a microcontroller and tiny computer, it can be executed by the node command.

For instance, the following commands will install the program to the Intel Edison device and make it run at boot. For more details on the command-line interface, refer to "f3.js Command-Line Interface."

.> f3-projects download 114 -e
extracted: f3js-nodejs-123
.> cd f3js-nodejs-123
./f3js-nodejs-123> f3-projects install . -p edison://root:password@

Beside the explanations above, some projects require other materials and special setup to run properly. You might find more explanations in the "Relevant URLs" section.

Once you suceed in building and running the application, take a photo or video and post the URLs to the "Relevant URLs" section and boast your achievement!

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