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This page allows you to edit the existing project (slice). The edited project will replace the existing entry in the IoT Projects page. If you want to add a new entry based on the project, please fork from it instead.

* Photo URLs that end with any one of .jpg, .jpeg, .png or that are uploaded to the Gyazo web service in the PNG format (e.g. are supported.

* Node.js entry point main: index.js and dependencies to the npm module dependencies: { f3js: (略) } will be automatically added and thus do not need to be in this form.

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Source Code

Provide the source code of a microcontroller or tiny computer in JavaScript. Node.js-based computers are supported. Require f3js package and use its API to design the device enclosure.

var f3js = require('f3js') , numSlices = 15 // number of slices [0, 100] , offsetX = 25 // offset X [0, 100] , offsetY = 25 // offset Y [0, 100] , margin = 5 // line margin [0, 10] , len = 100 // line length [10, 200] , horizontal = true; // direction (horizontal=on, vertical=off) for (var i=0;i<numSlices;i++) f3js.drawLine( offsetX + (horizontal ? 0 : i*margin) , offsetY + (horizontal ? i*margin : 0) , offsetX + (horizontal ? len : i*margin) , offsetY + (horizontal ? i*margin : len));

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Adding comments to variable declarations in the source code populate various GUI widgets in the "Customization" section depending on their types.

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